Author Topic: Recovering Lyophilized Anaerobes: Step by Step directions  (Read 2691 times)

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Recovering Lyophilized Anaerobes: Step by Step directions
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:54:32 PM »
You may have need to recover an anaerobe from a lyophile. Your past experience may not have been always successful. This is not unusual. Some anaerobes are particularly sensitive to the lyophilization process, and the lyophile does not retain a high level of viability. The procedure used to recover the lyophilized anaerobe is your primary tool for obtaining viable microbes. 
In this White Paper, we provide step by step directions for recovering lyophilized anaerobes with an explanation as to why that procedure is followed.
If you have a mixed lyophile, containing a facultative microbe, recovery of the anaerobe becomes more difficult because the facultative microbe is likely to have survived the lyophilization process better than the anaerobe. At the start, the facultative microbe outnumbers the anaerobe. The situation gets worse. The facultative microbe may respond to the recovery procedure better than the anaerobe. Furthermore, the growth of the facultative microbe may out-pace the anaerobe, further complicating recovery of the anaerobe.
This White Paper provides a method for overcoming these difficulties and makes recovery of the anaerobe, separate from the facultative microbe, probable.

To read more information click on PDF file.
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